Rainy day explorations at the Knysna Heads

Great Photography #Knysna #EcoWildRoute

A Bucketful of Sunshine

I get such bad cabin fever. I feel like I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere before, but when I’ve been confined indoors for too long with nothing to entertain me, I go a bit cray (symptoms resemble those of being Hangry).

It was a rainy day near the start of my family’s annual Plett holiday (speaking of which, I can’t believe I’ve already been back in Cape Town for a WEEK!). Friends that were visiting had been and gone and, while I enjoyed the peace and quiet for maybe half an hour, by the time it reached 10am, I was ready and rearing for something to do. But, the rain was still pattering against the window outside.

As I mentioned in a recent Instagram post, every year I try to do a new outdoor adventure in Plett and surrounds. After 23 years of visiting the Garden Route, I’m still finding…

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Author: Ben du Koker

Facilitator Real Estate, Commerce, Eco- Tourism Southern Africa

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